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Boxing involves attack and defence with more than fists. Its oldest martial arts played as both amateur and professional. It is a combat skill perfectly suited to the name “Martial Art” and can be used for sport, self-defence, or military. If you are looking for Best Boxing training in the Dehradun region, VR Combatives Academy is here to fulfil your dreams.  

Boxing Classes In Dehradun

The most popular and known term “Boxing” is available to learn in the allover world. Are you searching for “boxing classes near me” or “boxing classes in Dehradun,” if yes, then you should take our one-day demo class to get satisfactory results. Reaching an online website may give you an idea, though it gives you a different experience once you start realistic practice. 

We at VR Combatives provides a specially designed curriculum and safe environment to grow your best skills. Our expert boxing trainers make 100% effort to enhance your boxing skills, physical strength, and self-defence abilities.


Kickboxing Training

Kickboxing is a part of Boxing which is the most energetic form, and it’s based on a traditional concept with challenging activities. We provide kickboxing training for beginners and intermediate students, which is a high power cardio routine and strengthens up the bones of the body. Any gender or age group can learn Kickboxing using some punching, kicking, and Strike and Defense techniques. Moves in Kickboxing include a few types of martial arts like full-contact karate, Boxing and Muay Thai.

Boxing Training For Beginners - Level 1 boxing classes

If you don’t have a single thought about Boxing, then Boxing Training For Beginners program is the best choice for you. First, we’ll improve your basic strength and make you learn fundamental requirements for Boxing. Then you can reach the next level of it. Students in beginner class will learn basic combinations, footwork and proper boxing stance. Preparation for heavy bags, jump ropes, and punching mitts can help you in fast boxing learning.

Boxing Training For Advanced - Level 2 boxing classes

Students with little experience are eligible to start intermediate and advanced boxing training at VR Combatives Academy. For Level 2 students, our experts teach advanced fighting techniques, skills improvement activities and offensive and defensive skills development tricks. Advance boxing classes in Dehradun is best for boxing competition preparation.

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