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VR Combatives Academy offers two main programs for children Karate Classes and Taekwondo Classes. These martial arts programs are perfectly suitable for young children. We have created a safe and relaxed environment for not only children but also for others, and parents can send their children without any worry. Up to age 3, kids can join our Children program. We provide these classes in Dehradun, so you can visit us to know more if you come across the region.


Our Children’s Program aims to build life skills and lessons for children by improving their strength. Our martial arts instructors develop a great curriculum with the combination of self-defence techniques, physical education, and cardiovascular conditioning.


Program 1 – Karate Classes in Dehradun

Did you search “karate classes near me” and you’ve found this page? You have reached the perfect place, especially if you are looking for Karate Classes in Dehradun for kid.  
Karate is a form of martial art where you learn fighting and self-defence. It’s done in a disciplined manner and with persistent effort.
All kids up to 3 years of age are welcomed in our Karate Classes program. We have a schedule of Karate training not to affect the child’s study. Too shy, too bossy, restless, or low confidence, Karate is helpful for every kid calm down, self-discipline, building confidence and self-esteem, and balancing physical and mental health.

Benefits of Karate

Program 2 – Taekwondo Classes In Dehradun

Originated in Korea, Taekwondo is a systematic and scientific traditional martial arts. It uses fists and feet to defend itself from the opponent. If you’ve just come to this page through the “taekwondo classes near me in Dehradun” search, then you are about to learn a lot more about Taekwondo. It’s the way to control fights and calm the mind. 
Our Taekwondo Academy welcomes every age of people. Children, families, and adults can easily enroll in Taekwondo classes in Dehradun at VR Combatives Academy. Our coaches teach basic and advanced Taekwondo techniques with coordination, balance, safety skills.  

Benefits of Taekwondo

There are countless reasons why you or your child should learn Taekwondo.

One Academy for Multiple Searches

People who are searching “karate classes near me,” “taekwondo classes near me,” or “mma classes in dehradun” are welcomed to VR Combatives Academy to learn martial arts forms. The academy is located in the Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun. For more information, directly contact us.