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Corporate Program

VR Combatives Academy believes in a healthy workplace and a healthy business. Our martial arts programs are for people who actually want to achieve greatness. Employees get a solid fitness program at VR Combatives. This corporate training is categorized into a few sections in a safe and controlled environment where employees learn more about leadership skills, martial art attributes, and lifestyle coaching.  

What do you learn with our corporate program?

The most time location of our Corporate Program is Dehradun, India. The martial arts and fitness programs assist you in learning how one can easily achieve fitness, good health, confidence, mental strength, and balance in real-life situations. 

Benefits Of Corporate Program

Martial Art Corporate Program at VR Combatives Academy

Members develop winning confidence, focus, mental strength, discipline, energy increment in our Martial Art Corporate Programs. Our experts teach you to make World Champions with martial art training. VR Combatives cultivate an unbreakable spirit and nurture a winning attitude. Interested people can directly contact us or visit our place in Dehradun, India.Karate is a form of martial art where you learn fighting and self-defence. It’s done in a disciplined manner and with persistent effort.
All kids up to 3 years of age are welcomed in our Karate Classes program. We have a schedule of Karate training not to affect the child’s study. Too shy, too bossy, restless, or low confidence, Karate is helpful for every kid calm down, self-discipline, building confidence and self-esteem, and balancing physical and mental health.